Tuesday, 25 January 2011

One last thing to do to LWO Basic loading :)

Well all I need to do now is actually create the mesh surface by surface once thats done we can then move forwards knowing that we can do pretty much anything we can put our minds to. After the loader is complete I will complete the demo system for JJ's title screen and main menu once thats also complete I will work on the water effects for the engine :).

On the whole this will be a busy week for me (LOADS of coding to do and get sorted) but once its done our games will be nearer completion and our engine will be finally breaking into the 3d scene allowing us to make things like FreeLancer and other space games. The engine itself is completely freeform so its not tied to first person shooters if we were so inclined we could make a space game, planetary exploration game, rolling a ball game (ala bowling or snooker) or something else entirely like Turrican 2 (2d game) :). Once I get the Win32 tests complete we will also have that platform as well we already have iOS and OSX in there already.

More soon...

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