Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sheets almost in there...

Well I have almost created the quad sheet that I wanted to make basically this is just a big sheet of polygons the main bonus for this is that with the new commands that I have added over the last couple of days I can make it do anything I want it to, for instance I can make it wave like a flag or fold up like an envelope :).

Once this is completed I want to see how well it will perform in relation to the iPod 2nd generation hardware as at the moment my ipod has O.G., World War and an email client on there as well (the more apps I have up the better the stress test of the system) so if the whole effect works perfectly as it has up till now the better. At the moment I can get a steady 30fps with everything happening so once this new effect is complete if it stays at 30fps then I have cracked it, if not then I will have to look at other areas of the engine and see what can be tweaked there.

Well once more unto the breach as they say :).

More soon...

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