Monday, 28 February 2011

Windows release getting there, very soon ... SSOOOONNN...

Well I have been tidying up the windows release of Tombstone this will enable us to support the Window platform in whatever was it looks or forms :)

Mainly casting issues that XCode dont throw up (will have to look into that as its a serious one), and some other little niggles that Windows dont like but everyone else is happy to get past. The last hurdles for me are getting the libraries together for DevC++ or Eclipse (both seem to be devoid of usefulness in this area) DevC++ is getting long in the tooth now but I love the IDE, Eclipse compiles the build but Windows throws a wobbler so I will look into that a little more to see why it doesnt like it (windows dont like a lot of things that programmers do ;) ). Coming from the old MS-DOS 3.1 days it was nice back then to be able to do anything you wanted with the machine, the OS only allowed you to get to a state that you could do anything with it. I didnt mind killing the machine back then as my old 16Mhz 286 VGA machine booted MS-DOS in three seconds (YES THATS SECONDS NOT MINUTES) so any major issues was sorted quick, these days it takes the IDE about 30 seconds to think about compiling it :s ).

Well heres hoping that the windows build when it gets there (when they get a decent IDE out that works right and is easy to use) will be exactly like the old one.

EDIT:TurnCamera has now been added to the engine so were getting there really nicely :)

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