Thursday, 10 March 2011

JJ is getting there once again :D

Havent posted in a while, BUT here we go.

I have sorted the backing that Emm wanted me to look at this will make it look more interesting and hopefully speed the game up a little. I have also looked at the code (much deeper than intended) and have completed the pillars so they now work as they should in the game. It looks good to have the engine working as intended.

On the Win32/OSX/Linux front I have taken a different approach, for this I am looking deeply into BlitzMax as a foundation for the Tombstone engine on these platforms. Basically what we are using BlitzMax for is to initialise the graphics from then on Tombstone will take over also we will be using the loaders, sound, Networking and input from BlitzMax once we get the engine upto iOS speed then we can release games on Win32/OSX and Linux. I have had BlitzMax and OpenGL (minib3d engine) working on ALL three platforms so once we port the code over its all go from there.

More soon...

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