Friday, 11 March 2011

Win32/OSX and Linux updated...

Well after coding loads in JJ I have found a few milliseconds to code some extra stuff to the Win32/OSX and Linux versions of Tombstone. These new additions are:
TTexture:LoadTexture (loads png, tga, bmp, jpg)
TTexture:FreeTexture (frees the loaded texture)

startupEngine - this will start a full screen openGL engine
Cls - clears a opengl context
setColour - sets the colour of all future drawing
setClsColour - sets the colour of the next Cls call
graphicsWidth, graphicsHeight - returns the width and height
setAlpha - sets the alpha of all future drawing
switchTo2d - sets the next drawing as 2d drawing
switchTo3d - switches back to 3d drawing
updateWorld - this will update the engine system

Once the entire engine is upto the same standard as the iOS version we can move to release loads of games on the Win32/OSX and Linux platforms.

More soon...

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