Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sherlock to the rescue

Ed is awesome, he has found a part of the code which slowed the game down by 10 fps ! I always wonder how he approaches such bug searches and how he finds those nasty unoptimised parts :) Spotting the faulty part of a picture is easy, finding something that slowes the game down in hundreds or thousands of code lines must be nightmare-ish...

Ed:It is quite tricky to locate these sort of bugs I normally use trial and error which has worked for me for years, on a iPhone game this usually means load of NSLog statements to see how many milliseconds each section is taking after that I delve deeper and find out what is going wrong. This particular bug was caused by one 'simple' command which has now been completely replaced with a 3500% more efficient system instead of slowing down with three lines of text it doesnt even flutter with a whole screen of text (about twenty lines).

No now its onwards and upwards.

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