Monday, 21 March 2011

Tombstone Basics are in place now...

Yeah its been a long time coming but now I can render Tombstone on Windows, Mac OS X (Intel), Linux, and iPhone iOS. This project has been going on for about a year now (not all coding time as I have a rather hectic family life and I code for one to three hours a day). Well its starting to bear fruit out latest iPhone game JJ:TOTA is coming along nicely and even with hundreds of sprites flying around it still runs at a loverly 30fps which is amazing to behold, heck one of the backings is almost five hundred sprites.

On the Windows/OSX/Linux front I have Initialisation, Rendering, Texture Loading, Entity creation and Vertex manipulation in there, there is still loads to do to bring it up to the specification of the iPhone version but its getting there thick and fast. This will basically mean that what I code for iPhone will be able to compile on Windows/OSX/ and Linux as well.

More soon...

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