Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Woohoo wifi working again :)

Thanks to the guys on the blitz forum especially Brucey thanks mate i now have it working again. For me it was going into utilities then disk utility and repairing the permissions this fixed it :)

Edit: Well I have now added the death sequence for the player character this will enable us to move into other areas of the game as a whole :). On the Tombstone front we now have universal commands these are available on iOS, OSX, Windows, and Linux the commands are:
VertexColour - this changes the colour of a particular vertices
VertesAlpha - this, well changes the alpha (transparency) value of a vertex
AddVertex - this will add a vertex to a entity surface
AddTriangle - this adds a triangle to the entity surface
EntityFX - this changes the state of a particular entity
Entity creation, position, rotation - total entity control :)

There are also loads of startup, initialisation and state change commands that have been added into the engine these are exactly the same as the iOS engine and will mean that whatever I write on the iOS version then I should be able to compile with some minor modifications on Windows/OSX and Linux :)

More soon...

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