Thursday, 24 March 2011

More more more... :)

Well I have now added the CreateQuad, EntityTexture and Surface Texture functions to the mix this will mean that I can now texture anything when and how I please. On the whole the system is shaping up real nicely and its starting to look amazing as an engine, once I have the basics in there I can then move to more complex stuff as my knowledge of the opengl interface improves.

On a side note I also have noted that shaders are possible with OpenGL 1.1 this will mean that later on when everything else is complete I will add them in as well.

I know some of you will be wondering why stick with OpenGL 1.1 instead of OpenGL 3 or 4 BUT the simple answer is well to put not a to fine point on it compatibility, if I write an engine for something like OpenGL 4 then I alienate everybody with opengl 1-3 cards but support OpenGL 1.1 then everyone can use our games. Seeing as we dont want to create the next 'STALKER' even though that is a possibility, it seems a logical move. At the moment our games are games we want to play I dont want to make a game that will take years to complete and bog us down for ages with scripts and graphics what I want is simple games that are indepth enough that you want to play them over and over (like the System Shock series for me ;) )

Oh and if you want an engine that can do STALKER look no further than my good mate Josh over at and his engine, Josh has been working on it for years and its really come into its own of late. If you want to write something like Doom4 or STALKER then look at that its capable of doing wonderful things but dont take my word for it do a google and see some of the loverly YouTube videos.

More soon...

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