Sunday, 17 April 2011

Massed coding day...

Well I have managed to get a LOT done today, these are as follows:

a) Dart trap - this now kills JJ, poor guy can now get killed by them rather ruthlessly.

b) Hero death sprite - this is now in the game and looks amazing.

c) Spike trap - this didnt look right and now works as it should do.

d) Player death - this caused some cosmetic problems on the main menu this is now fixed and looks good.

e) sound options - we can now change the volume on the main menu of the game, using the new commands I added the other day everything is possible.

f) Scripting problems - this is also now fixed the player dying on the main menu kept running the script this is now fixed.

g) TOP SECRET PROJECT - On another project I am working on for a good old mate I got the errors down from 40,000+ to 17 this is going well and I cant wait to see the end results, once thats in it will be up from there.

h) CreateCylinder - Tombstone can now create cylinders [UNTESTED], it can already create basic spheres, quads, cubes, cones. Now all thats needed is to recode the sphere code with the new system i have devised it should allow for spheres of very high detail.

Its loverly to have these coding marathons and once they are done I get a sense of amazing progress, the great thing is I learn so much doing things like this especially writing engines like Tombstone. Years ago I wouldnt have the focus to do things like that but now its all coming together, hats off to Josh over at Leadwerks as hes created a great engine that soon will work on everything :).

More soon...

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