Thursday, 14 April 2011

More sound fun...

Well after working on the main menu system I needed to work out the volume system for Tombstone this has now allowed me to look deeper into it and I have added the following commands:

changeVolume - rather self explanatory allows us to change a volume of a particular sound

changePitch - we can now change the pitch of a particular sound

loopSound, stopLooping - I can now loop a sound and stop it if we want it to stop after the last play.

positionSound - this can now position a sound at a specific x, y, z position.

setSoundVelocity - this can set the velocity of a sound

positionListener - this will position the listener of a sound this can be done for a particular sound for fun effects or you could set it to the same position for all sounds :)

These will allow us to do loads of loverly things with Tombstone and I will be looking into 3d sound as well with sound positioning etc.

More soon...

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