Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Menus and subs...

Well I am currently refining the menu system so it better suits the game we are making this may sound good but its a headache, I have managed to get it working but I still need to work the sub menu's into place. I have some of them in place its only the sound menu and other small sections of the system that are required to be in place.

I have managed to add the death image of the soldier into the game engine and this after a small resizing to suit the rest of the images works perfectly and suits the game perfect. I still have to add the hero death image that I have from Emm along with the treasure system. Once I get all this together I will move onto the treasure and other sections of the game to make it easier for us I will design a item editor for the game (and all other games we create) this should make it easier for us to continue onto other things.

More soon...

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