Monday, 25 April 2011

Much ado about everything...

Well loads of stuff to post this week, this goes as follows (in no particular order):
1) Traps are now fixed - JJ can now be 100% killed by the traps in the game this makes it more appealing to us. I have recoded the trap system to accommodate a more more tighter and more efficient deadly trap placement, it can now check to make sure there isnt two dart traps on the same floor as this was 'too lethal' ;)

2) Spike traps - these are also now 100% lethal, sometimes for some strange reason they werent and JJ could stand on them rather comfortably this has now been rectified and he gets killed every time

3) Cosmetic adjustments - Emm asked me to make some cosmetic adjustments to the game these have also been completed and the game is running much more 'efficiently' now which I am glad to say.

4) TombstoneMax cylinder - this was untested and there were some small niggles that I didnt like now the system can accept a cylinder of some one hundred sides making it loverly and smooth :)

5) LoadLWO - yes this one Emm has been waiting for with baited breath, and I am slowly making my way through the C++ system and converting it over to the TombstoneMax system (this is taking longer than expected but its getting there).

More soon...

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