Friday, 29 April 2011

LWO Loader getting there...

Well the LWO loader is now almost complete, its to the testing stage once its finalised all I will have to work on is the sprite system and then Tombstone (Win32/OSX/Linux) will be to the same level as the iOS version. On the whole thing the command set for the iOS version is exactly the same as the other platforms so apps should be compilable with little or no changes to the whole system.

The whole Tombstone on BlitzMax thing is a temporary system that allows us to release onto the relevant platforms these will be brought into the C++ engine when it is required once that is done the whole thing will be write one compile everywhere which is what I wanted from the beginning when I started the project.

Star Rogue through the ages :

This game is an early test of another thing that was a WIP game :)

More soon...

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