Sunday, 1 May 2011

LWO needs work but its getting there...

Well everything is looking good I still need to work on some of the stuff in the LWO loader but its simple stuff that should be done in the next day or so then it will be at the same level as the iOS version.

I have also located all the source code for Star Rogue (v0.1) this was something me and Emm was looking into a couple of years ago for something like Starflight a classic game in its own right even today, the thing looks amazing even now and I cant wait to see where Star Rogue goes when its complete. I will create a Starflight style game in the same vein as starflight with planet landings and exploration :). I am still in two minds weather or not to code it in 3d or 2d although 3d would look beautiful but 2d would mean we could do much more later on that will still look beautiful and also give us loads more scope (3d is limited by what the GPU can throw around) 2d is down to what the artist can do.

More soon...

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