Friday, 6 May 2011

Lightwave all the way...

Well I have the basic Lightwave mesh that Emm sent me working now, so now its onto the other mesh this is a old space ship from a 'never released' game me and Emm worked on over seven years ago once that loads in and looks as it should then I can move into other areas of the engine.

Thanks to Warner I have code that allows for movement and rotation in 3d space I will learn how this works and add this to the Tombstone project once this is in there the last major hurdle will be complete (adding simple lights to it will be easy) then its onwards and upwards.

Finally I can add the Blitz3d loader and the Milkshape3d loaders to the mix then I can make meshes for the games as placeholders (they cant be as good as Emm's ;) ).

Edit:Well there are loads of new tags for me to add to the lightwave loader and loads of 'envelopes' to decode these strange things appear everywhere in meshes for things like animation etc. Now personally I like the Blitz3d format as its compatible with milkshape3d BUT Emm loves Lightwave (the classic editor that harkens from the Amiga days) now dont get me wrong lightwave is an amazing package but I cannot afford it sooo I got milkshape3d which to me does everything I want :). As Emm is the graphics artist for Graveyard Dogs I have to think what would be easier for him in relation to getting media out there so we can use it in our games, you see in a partnership like a programming team you have to give and take. Now I could have just coded a LWO to b3d converter but that would be cheating so I opted for a LWO loader this may seem like a copout BUT it gives us a graphics format to use in our games, I also still want b3d and ms3d in the engine as well for completeness. DirectX .x and 3d studio max .3ds may or may not be added to the mix later but that is undecided as yet.

Well I have me work cut out so its back to the keyboard :)

More soon...

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  1. This was a long time coming, it basically not only means that we have 3D models, we also can use LightWave as our world/entity/behavior etc editor, create our animations in it and so on.So in the end, our engine just loads the stuff we create in 3D, and hopefully the scene in LightWave looks identical to the scene in TS3D (which is good for the workflow).Maybe Ed could even use LW's "Hub" to connect TS3D with LightWave and create a "bridge" where I can easily create stuff in LW and have it updated realtime in TS3D ? Who knows what the future brings...