Friday, 8 April 2011

Slowly getting there but its getting there...

This is a very early shot of the Windows/OSX/Mac version of the engine :)

As versions go this one is still very early stages of development BUT once the loaders are in I can start refining and improving it to make sure the entire engine is the best it can be :). All things you see here are TEntities they can be manipulated and moved in the engine itself, the LWO loader we have for the iOS version also converts the LWO mesh to a TEntity as well.

EDIT: Well the darts are in JJ now all I have to do now is get the darts to kill the player after that it will be done. Once thats is in there ALL the traps will be complete, I have fixed the bug with the traps too this means another section of the game is complete and I can move onto another section of the game. Next up will be Peru's treasure, I have to seperate it from the Egypt treasure as thats a different texture altogether once I have sorted the new treasure that will also be complete :)

More soon...

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