Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Darts and cones...

Well I now have little darts whizzing around the levels, these need some small adjustments to get them perfect once they are correct I will send Emm another build. I have also created a CreateCone function this will allow me to make anything from pyramids to cones ;). I know this doesnt sound 'amazing' BUT I got a 150fps speed boost when I got rid of the nehe section of the data that created a coloured pyramid using the glBegin..glEnd old calls this is not removed. I prefer glDrawElements to get me stuff on screen I will also be looking at VBO's and FBO's to create the graphics these allow for shaders etc (if my understanding is correct).

OpenGL is a brilliant way to get into graphics and im learning so much from studying different tutorials on the internet and from what I can glean out of books I can get from the library, once I get everything upto speed I will then make more games one such games I want to make is a remake of System Shock 2 or something similar maybe using shaders the main reason for this is the game could do with an update and having completed it over forty times means I can see areas that it could be improved :).

More soon...

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