Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blast from the past part 1...

These are the shots of a game I was working in 2005/2006 it was never released because building levels, animating characters and designing everything took a huge toll the project stalled and went nowhere. I am posting them because Hunted is on the cards as a Graveyard Dogs project and in my opinion its very much doable using Tombstone once I get some of the extra commands in there once thats done there will be nothing stopping us.

Oh and I have already started adding Bubbles to JJ this will be added with other sections of the game for testing purposes, once in there this will complete another section and move us ever onwards to the release date.

More soon...

Emm: Seriously cool, I love the lighting effects, creepy atmosphere !
What did You use for building the levels ?

Ed: Well I used a little known program called Quill3d to design the levels as it has a b3d importer that will allow ANY b3d mesh to be added to a level as a static brush making level design and placement easy, everything is lightmapped along with the rest of it making it look amazing. There is a downside that lightmapping takes a good eight hours to get to the fine detail level.

Emm:Interesting, so all the boxes and barrels are static, lightmapped and cant be destroyed ? Is there any physics ?

Ed: Yes all the barrels etc are static entities that are actually part of the level mesh. As for physics the game features basic gravity and other sections this can be changed 'per area' so in one section of the level there could be no gravity where there is in others. Decals are also catered for as well which was cool and look amazing in the game when its running :). Coronas you see in the images fade out when behind objects just like in the Unreal engines around the original Unreal Tournament game. Vehicles were implemented and the Quad bike was usable I designed a track to test it on and it was fun too :). Hunted was about 40% complete when it stalled due to model constraints and time to plough into it.

Emm: I remember those lensflares/coronas/halos from Fury Squadron, that was looking pretty realistic.I imagine if the Quad worked like the Mako in Mass Effect, it would be a hell of a lot of fun and make for a great diversion between indoor levels.A lot of the atmosphere of games like Amnesia, Penumbra and System Shock is coming from the sound environment though, so its not all graphics :)

Ed: Hunted is no exception to the rule the background ambience is definately something that will be in the game from 'taunts' to downright terror, it was planned to have one surgical robot have a dentist drill complete with sound effect. Yes it was going to be that sinister :)


  1. blitz3d rocked. too bad, marc doesn't do a successor (monkey3D) :-)

  2. Yeah, I wonder how 3D in Monkey works any way ?