Saturday, 18 June 2011

Swatting up on everything OpenGL...

Well I now have a book titled 'OpenGL Superbible third edition' which is absolutely brilliant for budding engine programmers like myself as everything is explained so easy that a kindergarden kid can understand it which is about my maths level ;). With the information contained in the book I will be able to write everything efficiently and perfectly this will contribute to a perfect engine that will allow us to move forwards making the Tombstone engine.

OpenGL Superbibles are up to the fifth edition I got the third edition as it covers what I want to support as the fifth one caters for OpenGL 3.x and above the one I have caters nicely for 1.x to 2.x and does everything from a basic square on screen right upto shaders, shadows and advanced lighting techniques.

Any budding programmer can never be without enough information either from the internet or via technical reference manuals, its always best to get more than one example for each thing your trying to do as this will broaden your understanding on the techniques used to get the results you want after all if you always follow one coding paradigm then are you sure its the right one. I have fallen fowl to this before and had to rewrite loads of code to do the things I was doing before, for example Tombstone is now on its third revision but this last one will be the killer one as I have all the information to hand to allow me to create the engine as I had always intended it may also allow me to make the iOS version of Tombstone more efficient as well. It has always been my fond wish that Tombstone either on Windows, OSX, Linux or iOS will always be a C/C++ engine and the reference material I have now will allow me to make that a reality. Watch this space as the next version of Tombstone will be C only it may even forgo the ++ :)

After all there are LOADS of computers out there that have C but 'no' C++ Amiga machines of yore are one such machine, if we can build support for the C side of things on there then we are away I will move to C++ if its required as its a simple adjustment to get code from C to C++ but thats something I will look at down the road after all if the engine can be C then I will make it so :).

More soon...

More soon...

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