Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Getting to a complete engine...

Well I have been seriously looking at GLUT but a good friend told me that GLUT takes to much control away from the programmer which I agree with, now before you shoot me or burn me at the stake if you look at GLUT the whole thing hasnt been updated it a while and there are other ways of doing things.

I do like GLUT its good at what it does but I have also been looking back at my BlitzMax engine and I have managed to work a fix into the offing that makes the spheres I wanted in there complete there are some small snags but its looking good and once that works 100% then I can move to the LWO loader and get that updated to the same code.

One thing to take into account when writing an engine is that not always the first build of your engine will be the perfect one that will take you all up to Doom3 and beyond, I have been writing engines for years and Tombstone has been through about four iterations before I even got close to settling for BlitzMax but I have removed the second version of TombstoneMax (the one that used max2d) and have gone back to my own engine this will be sorted in the final build as I would like Max2d intergration to make hud's etc easier. Remember never give up writing your engine as Doom wasnt written first time it went through loads of revisions and improvements to getting it the finished game it is, I would love to code an engine that worked straight out with no problems but being a perfectionist I always see things that need improving so I improve them.

More soon...

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