Monday, 6 June 2011

to C or not to C that is the question....

Well I have added the create cone system to the C++ Tombstone engine this was relatively simple to convert over as the engines command set it the same from BlitzMax to C++ versions of Tombstone. I will also be adding CreateSphere and CreateCylinder this will bring across the last two creation functions to make it more feature complete.

I also added renderMode to the surface class in Tombstone this basically allows me to change the render mode for a particular surface in a mesh so one surface could be rendered as a triangle fan with the relevant vertex and triangle data and another one could be quads (not iOS) or triangles. It doesnt seem like much BUT the end results will allow for much more freedom when programming games using it for example instead of adjusting Tombstone to change the render mode of a surface all I need to do is call Surface[ surfaceToChange ]->renderMode = GL_TRIANGLES to change it to triangle rendering.

Im still working on the LWO loader but I will use BlitzMax to test this out and once it works as it should I will bring that across as well :)

On the Unity front the entire tutorial is complete now it was rather painless and simple to do and I have a little more understanding of what is required to make a game work, the proof is in the pudding is in the eathing as the saying goes (for those not in the UK its a small sentence that means something to us but seems strange to everyone else :) ) so I will look at making another game in Unity to see how easy it is what form it takes I havent decided but thats something for another day :)

EDIT: I have also now added CreateCylinder to the mix, and I have made it so if the ends of the cylinder or the base of the cone is not required the UV coordinates are adjusted so the texture fits and looks complete. If the programmer requires adjustment later they can adjust the UV's themselves quite simply with the VertexCoord command :)

More soon...

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