Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Still some bugs...

Well the cone and cylinder doesnt look like it should do, this is not a major issue I just need to look into it and locate where the problem is.

On the BlitzMax front the engine is coming along nicely, I have now got round to limiting the FPS of the engine using a simple timing system that will be used later now the whole engine runs at 60fps this can be set in code so makes it more useable to everyone :).

Once everything is in the max side of things then I will have to convert it to C++ if required or continue move towards getting it all done and get games out there as was originally intended. Dont get me wrong I love C++ but BlitzMax does make engine writing a lot easier and at the moment its coming along nicely but that could all change as math isnt my strong point I will get a good OpenGL engine writing book on the subject as I want everything to work like clockwork :).

Well back to the keyboard...

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