Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tombstone Engine (part deux)...

Well the new version of Tombstone is looking quite nice and it will feature loads of stuff that was in si's minib3d and warners engine (yes guys you will be given credit where due and thanks for making your engines open source :) ), both of these engines are quite portable but I love making things myself so I will be looking at their engines and then coding my own routines to get everything working as it should do.

Minib3d and warners engine both feature multiple cameras, multi texturing and in warners case basic shadows so these will be implemented as required and as I understand them. I am still looking at Unity as a stopgap measure to get the games out there so watch this space for further developments.

On the Tombstone front I am currently recoding the entity system to everything is entities or related to them in some way so camera will be entities etc the only things that wont will be the textures, sounds etc :)

More soon...

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