Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back to the drawing board...

Well I have been looking at different render methods for getting stuff to the screen and the current system we have has some issues that I need to rectify, once these are done then I should be able to render everything perfectly and get it all working. I will be looking MUCH deeper into this over the coming days to try and get everything working as it should do :)

Heres hoping with the new system I will be able to load the stinger properly as I think this is part and parcel of the problem.

Edit [1]: Well now I have move glDrawElements from GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT to GL_UNSIGNED_INT and I want to move the whole engine as far as possible to make it load high poly meshes as required at the moment it seems to be struggling in this area so once I find out whats wrong then we can move forwards with our Doom3/4/5 engine ;)

Edit [2]: I have looked on Amazon for some books on the game programming subject this will help me understand how to program everything required to get an engine up and running and so that I dont keep running into pitfalls where I have to backtrack to locate why things happen.

Edit [3]: Well I have a new engine basics now this will also have 3d added as time goes but the current system now has a FULL BlitzMax 2d integration already this will allow me to skip certain sections of the engine like the image system that is in the iOS version this will allow us to make ANY 2d game like JJ or iSmashem already.

More soon...

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