Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Graveyard Dogs goes Unity...

Well after much testing and discussion between myself and Emm we have decided to use the Unity game engine for Graveyard Dogs titles that are going to be worked on in the coming years, Tombstone will still be in the pipeline but it will take some of the pressure off coding it whist I work on other projects.

Once we get more titles out there it will give us more omph to move into creating other titles and other applications for us to use to allow us to make our games much faster than before, Unity is one such application its easy to use and once we get stuff working in it we can then move forwards to getting everything out there to the masses.

The only drawback of Unity is its pricetag at $1500 for Mac/Windows and Web deployment for the Pro license (no Unity splash screen) it can be extravagent. We will however work within the confines of the Free version at the moment till we have something to release this will allow us to test it fully and see what it can do :)

Its always good to test these things to make sure they are good enough for what you want them for there is nothing worse than writing half of the game to find out there is a niggling bug that wont be fixed or cant be located by the original programming team behind it. This is partly the reason that Tombstone is still being worked on so that we have something to fall back on when something goes wrong yes it will be a while away but its being worked on.

More soon...

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