Wednesday, 27 July 2011

JJ moving forwards...

Well today I have been adding more stuff to JJ this clears up certain sections of the engine. Now the engine will load in the monsters relating to a particular level so Egypt will have mummies and scorpions and Atlantis will have little piranha fish as more enemies are sent over by Emm I can add them to the engine. Also I have made it so when a monster is loaded it will then keep tabs of how many are in there so it doesnt put a monster on the level from a dead entry in the list (this would crash the app).

I have also put in the office that JJ has and its placed in the correct position on loading, now all I need is the desk then I can move forwards with that segment of the JJ system :).

I have also removed the WIP text from the frontend now its 'Treasure of the Ancients' :)

More soon...

Emm: Desk is in the making, probably will be finished by the weekend :)

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