Saturday, 17 September 2011

Even poorer JJ...

As the game gets more complete and all the sections of the game get added its starting to look better and better, now I have the basic HUD (Heads Up Display) in there this displays your health, score, keys and bullets. I still have to add the option to change selected item but this is being worked on as I type.

Additionally since I added these I also have made it so they actually do something now JJ can die the lives can decrease and the game can end, also his bullets can run out as well. Keys on the other hand dont do anything yet but will do later. The game is starting to look really nice and its all falling into place, once I have the ending portal in place for the game we can finally complete the levels.

I still have to add ladders and climbable sections to the engine this will be added next to make the generator complete, game wise the engine can generate any one of over four billion different possible levels this means it will have loads of replayability, coupled with the other stuff we want to add to it will make this a loverly game.

One thing to note here is not to add overly too much to the game as to much happening on screen will bog the game down and you will start to lose frames to effects, nobody likes to play a game running at ten frames a second but will love a game running at thirty or sixty frames a second.

EDIT: Well I have just recoded the collision system so now it uses C++ function calls instead of BlitzMax ones, this has got me a 2000% speed increate when starting levels, some things are still better done in C++ ;)

More soon...

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