Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reusable code...

Righty, I am currently coding the link between Graveyard dogs games and TimelineFX and in the best 'EdzUp' fashion I am coding it as a reusable library the reason for this is simple. When we want to use the TimelineFX system in our games all I have to do is import the library and its there ready for us to reuse over and over again.

Reusable code is a great way to keep any programming time to a minimum after all why re-invent the wheel every single time for every game, yeah dont get me wrong over the years I have refined and modified the reusable code libraries I have but only to make things faster and more efficient not the other way round :). You can see reusable code in LOADS of things these days look at most modern games how many use the Unreal 3 engine or Id tech x or some other licensed engine all of them are reusable code its just the companies that make them have chosen to sell the libraries to make extra money (some quite lucratively).

Well heres to finally getting TimelineFX into our products that will mean that no matter what it will look amazing no matter what we do :)

More soon...

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