Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Testing effects...

Well lately we have been looking at Timeline FX for our graphics effects this is a good system and at 29.99 its a steal the editor comes with loads of things you can use for your games and you can create sheets of images if you so desire, at the moment im putting together a test so I can use it in JJ for some of the stuff that is required in the game.

JJ is coming along really nicely too and its looking really good I still have some things I would like to change to make it more 'perfect' but these will be sorted over the coming week :).

I have also got a lighting system down that will allow me to use unlimited lights in a future 2d game it doesnt sit well in JJ but I can work on that later as I have to study FBO's to make it lightning fast for that game as its system requirements are going to be very intensive.

Well spike traps are now in there and I have started on getting JJ to be injured by things in the game as well as tidying up loose ends once its all in place then we can move forward and see how much room we have to manoeuvre with regards to everything else that has to be added. On the plus side I have managed to squeeze out some more runtime by adjusting some of the systems in the game making them more refined this will allow us to have more stuff in the game making it look even more special :)

More soon...

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