Tuesday, 6 September 2011

We are no longer alone.....

Well I have now got around to re-adding the monsters into the JJ game these move around the level and add another element to the game, with limited bullets its either a fight or flight plan. Game wise the whole thing is coming together really nicely now I have added the complete redefine system so you can choose the controls you like and in what combination you like this gives the game a more polished feel to it. Once I add everything back in there it will be much nearer completion than it was before. I also have some small niggles to sort out this will complete the whole experience :).

Emm and I have also another thing planned for this game and it will be a corker once its implemented and the game is nearing completion I will tell you more but it will be hinted at as time goes along one such hint is the title :)

More soon...

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