Saturday, 22 October 2011

Adding even more...

Well Emm has sent me yet more 'new wall tiles' these are now in the engine, after some tweaking so it doesnt waste OpenGL video memory which is in short supply (300x300 images will get scaled upto 512x512 internally by OpenGL this wastes LOADS of video ram so after some simple modification its now 256x256 :) ). These tiles are in the engine but I have yet to do the placement system once thats done we will be able to see them in all their glory and maybe we might even post a picture so you can all see the beauty of them :).

On another note I have 'condensed' some of the other images in the game for example with the new tiles in place the old ones are now deprecated and have been removed from the game, the traps that were on the image have been moved to a little 64x64 image with all the traps on there this will make the game more efficient and allow us to change the graphics without playing with the traps every time.

The new tiles do look really nice I just wish we could have done this when we switched over to BlitzMax as it would have saved me LOADS of coding and recoding to get everything loverly to have it all changed again, this blog is a testament to 'GET YOUR DESIGN DOWN IN STONE ALONG WITH ALL STEPS TO GET IT TO COMPLETION' and never deviate from the design document.

More soon....

Emm: Mea culpa, mate :D Everything will be smoother next time, but then, the first version was done for iPhone, so there had to be some...adjustments to be exspected :) I think its worth it, and I only regret that it took me so long to realise that we needed the graphical improvements :) But then...Borderlands was also already deep in development when they decided to change to a more cartoony style. Its part of the R&D process to try out thing, throw out stuff and redo stuff.

Ed: All things considered its coming along now so no worries, just lets hope it will be released next year as at the current rate of things it will not be available till then. Gameplay wise its coming along nice but there are some things with the random generator that I am not happy with so I will change them in the coming builds but I want to get the new graphics in there and then move to refining the generator's speed this will allow for a much speedier game and allow us to test it better.

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