Sunday, 23 October 2011

Polishing the fixings....

Well I have been fixing some bugs in the game, well not really bugs but things that irritate me. These are as follows:
FIXED: Treasure placement in a square that JJ cannot get to, this normally was a platform and it placed it underneath it.

FIXED: Health draining on death, the game now only takes one heart from the player when they die.

FIXED: Rubble system, the rubble is now placed in the game correctly. There are some little niggles here that will be fixed but its getting there.

FIXED: Monsters and traps when changing level, now they are erased when the level is changed.

ADDED: Rubble graphics to the renderer, this now shows up in game and I have recoded the placement system so it works correctly.

ADDED: Emm's block graphics for walls, these now look much better than the old ones, they still need some work which I will be doing tommorow :).

As you can see I have had a very productive day today and once the other niggles are fixed I will send Emm a new build so he can see the new stuff in action :). Technology wise its getting there, as always there are some small niggles that im not happy with but I can fix those as time goes on.

More soon...

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