Monday, 24 October 2011

More fixes and updates...

Well I have been busy working on the whole system where the rubble placement was a pain in the butt, I have managed to get a massive speed increase though from twenty seconds to place the rubble down to one second to place it. I intend to use the same system to speed up the whole generation system this will make it hopefully take less than five seconds to generate the entire level.

As an added bonus the random level generation system I have developed can now generate an infinite number of different levels, on the whole Emm and I have only explored a few combinations but with each iteration of the game the levels change so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out :).

Rubble is in the game not but still needs some work with some of the placements I will be doing that over the next day or so and tying up loose ends so the whole thing looks amazing.

I have fixed some more bugs as well in the game engine namely the placement of stuff in the level, now it no longer 'levitates' in the air ;). Also I have made restarting a level instantaneous as the system now remembers where everything was an replaces it when the level is restarted rather than regenerating the whole level this will make the game more playable ;). On the whole I am pleased with the speed increases I am getting I just need to get every ounce of speed out of the engine to this end i will be looking deeper and deeper into the game to add more to it and make it look amazing, I have already added the blue portal lighting to the engine and the ending item glow now radiates light around it :). I still gotta generate the last few tiles for the game engine but once they are in and the rubble placement is correct I will send a build to Emm :)

More soon...

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