Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Refining perfection...

Well Emm has sent me loads of loverly graphics to add to the game BUT before I dive in and add it all to the already feature packed game I will refine the renderer some more, the reason for this is I want the game to be as fast as possible before we jump in and add loads of features and stuff to make sure it dont slow down. At the moment we are getting 60fps (Frames per second) at all times but this will change when I test it on my netbook ideally if I can get above 30fps at all times ideally 60fps that will be great :).

My netbook is our lowest common denominator meaning its the slowest machine I have with the lowest grade graphics card, its always good to test it on these sorts of machines to get a idea on what it runs on after all not everyone has a quad core machine with oodles of ram and a graphics card that could render real-life graphics without even breaking a sweat.

More soon...

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