Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Moving onwards...

Emm has come up with some nice ideas for other additions to the game this is small additions to the system that will make it more appealing which add to other sections of the game that are already there, once they are in there I can move to getting other bits in there that are on my list this will help get everything complete and get the game to a shippable state :)

I want to add a quota system to the game as well so we can see at a glance what we have to do to get the portal open for us to progress forwards, this will be a new addition that will be in the next build.

I know loads of you know me on facebook and some have added me to their lists but as of today I have terminated my facebook account, this has come about as it soaks up too much of ya time trawling through everything and to be honest its way to cluttered the new interface is bugged and cumbersome so I will no longer be on facebook from now on. I have a Google+ account where I can post and people can follow me if they want to :).

More soon...

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