Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ricochet can be a killer...

Finally I have gotten back into the swing of things and I now have added ricochet to the bullets in JJ, this small effects looks nice when the bullets hit a wall other things in the level dont get ricochet as they arent as solid as stone. I have also located some nice sound effects from a previous published product of mine and they sit nicely in the game.

Now that section is complete I am going to tackle the ceiling traps, these like the other traps...well how can I put it... fall from the ceiling onto JJ if hes now quick enough to move out of the way. After that I will complete the item selector that will finish up two sections of the game and open up others as I will also then have to add the items into the game engine, things like dynamite etc.

Its at times like this its good to have a end goal, with some projects and coding groups end goals arent set in stone and as time progresses a nasty little illness sets in, this illness is the bane of any project and can make it stall over time tilll it gets to the stage where the project is canned. What is this illness called well we programmers call it 'Feature creep', it may sound harmless enough but look at it in these simple steps:

1) You draw up a idea for a game but dont set down a design document but you have a idea of where you want the game to go and how to do it.

2) As the game progresses one of the people working on the title sees something in another game they think 'oh cool I would like that to be in our game' so they mention it and add it to the list. This might not sound a problem BUT imagine the coding that would go into adding this loverly effect time that could be spent on finishing the first idea of the game.

3) After this they see something else and we end up at 2 again.

Repeating steps 2 and 3 many times over and over for all the games they see x effect in or a video on youtube and a six month game could become six years, this is why its always good to have a design document and stick to it. If you want another feature in the game one that you love add it in version 1.x this way people come back to your game afterwards to see whats new and it keeps it fresh.

Something for all of us to think about eh...

More soon...

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