Friday, 30 September 2011

Bonuses all round ...

I have added the bonuses to JJ today these were in the original version of the game but have been lacking in the current version, now they are in there I can move to other areas of the game to make the whole thing more complete. Also I have to merge in the planet map code into the game engine so we can select missions that may have been opened by completing certain sections of the game.

On the whole the entire game is looking really good there are still some optimisations to do and refine the game in some fashion but I will get around to doing that as time goes on, these optimisations will include merging the arrays into one array to increase lookup speeds and removing variables from the array type so its all merged into one big array of items which will make it quicker to look through as there will be less in there. I also have to wrap the check routines in a select..endselect block to make fetching faster as well.

All these things will speed the game up sufficiently hopefully that it will run on my netbook with adequate ease, most games these days run so badly on that to the stage of being unplayable and its a 1.6Ghz Atom with 2Gb of ram (shared with video). Game from the likes of Bigfish should work but they lag really badly on there which is a shame so I strive to make this game so that it works for as many computers as possible without causing problems or being unplayable :)

More soon....

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