Sunday, 13 November 2011

DyEd is getting there...

Well I have been working hard at getting DyEd complete with all the features that Emm has requested and I have added some of my own too, these equate to:
1) Toolbar - this is now in and almost fully functional I still have to do cut,copy and paste but its getting there

2) Grid - I can now turn this on/off (wooo) and change the grid size( yay ) ;)

3) Options - being that I have the editor on a flashdrive putting it into different operating systems (I have Mac/Windows and Linux here) means a reconfiguration of the programs folders now this is sorted as the editor itself now saves the configuration dependent on the operating system its running on.

4) Numerous behind the scenes bug fixes and corrections :)

5) Zooming is also now in there too :), still needs a little work BUT its in there and fast as anything :)

6) Layers are now in there too, I can show/hide Tiles, Backing, Items and prefabs this makes it easier to edit the levels as required.

Once all the features requested are in there the editor will be ready for its initial beta phase and after probably some more adjustments we can move forwards with getting everything in there :)

More soon...

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