Monday, 7 November 2011


No not dyed we are not changing the colours of clothing :)

DyEd is our dynamic editor its coming together now that we have a plan of action for our latest game, the editor itself is totally modular so I can add and remove stuff as it becomes obsolete and changes over time. I am programming the entire thing in BlitzMax as its the most versatile language of this age and the 3d engine is pure OpenGL anyways so you have access to the core rendering engine as well as the language itself.

On the whole the first iteration of DyEd will be for our up coming games but I will expand it as required to feature a total 3d engine editor for other projects that we will require this may come in the form of Minib3d as its already there and is totally cross platform or in the form of something of our own via the Tombstone route.

Only today I have added the saving system and scrolling around the view area, I am currently tacking in the loader and I have some small things to adjust then when I add everything together I will send Emm a version to test this will be a early beta build. There are still loads of things I want to add into the editor itself to make it fully feature rich and this will allow us to do anything we want with it :) One of the main things is a basic script editor to allow us to do simple scripted sequences for things and items in the game, these sort of things are good for boss encounters in games like Baulders gate or Metroid like games where there are some dialog and animations but the player has no control over what happens.

Continuing what Emm said in the earlier post its always a great idea to make a game where the player has total control after all games that are too linear with no thought to what your supposed to do get boring REAL quick. One that jumps to mind immediately is Too Human its a nice looking game but there is no threat of death or losing a life every time you get killed a Valkyrie turns up floats off with you and your back to shoot again with full health no penalty whatsoever so with this in mind your just plodding through reams of enemies with no real emotion behind it. On occasions you come across a boss but they are all the same really.

Now a game like System Shock where there are audio logs and interactions throughout really sets the mood and gives you the emotion behind it to actually get in there and do something. Its nice in these games to see the interactions between the characters after all who here remembers System Shock 2's lovebirds who escape in the pod what a twist that was :). True classic games have a great story and they are remembered for the emotions they invoke its these that make them true classics.

More soon...

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  1. Too Human was really, really sad, it had a lot potential, but the bad texture work and lame gameplay really sucked. Its like they planned on making a game about looting and then forgot the rest.
    I dunno whats wrong with Silicon Knights anyway, they made ONE really good game (two if You count Twin Snakes), then decided that Nintendo isnt for them anymore and it all went downhill.Sticking with Nintendo and doing great Wii games, that would have been the way. Dennis Dyack, whats going on ???