Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tom Chick gives Uncharted 3 4/10. Scandal ?

Personally I have yet to complete Uncharted 1.
Uncharted 3 is heading to be one of the most critically successfull games of this (slowly fading) generation.
Tom Chick says 4/10, mainly because its a matter of "filler" stuff, "been there done that" situations, loads of quotes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
He claims storytelling and interactive gameplay don't meet, and there is 10 hours of game, yet only a few hours of quality game.
Without having played it, I have tp agree with Tom that storytelling in games is pretty much one of the biggest failures of this generation.
Granted, many games don't need shakespearesque stories, but a good story doesn't hurt, now does it ?
Can You name the game with the best story You ever played ?
If I take Dragon's Age, Dead Space, Bioshock...there are good stories somewhere, but the way they are told is mostly confusing, boring or just unadequate. I also don't know what qualifications those developers have regarding to storytelling.
It aint easy. Most stories that aim for mass acceptance fall short in characters, development, tension, ending, and its easy to ruin a 60 hours experience by offering a bad, unsatisfying ending. That's why some game are designed backwards, to make sure the player has this memorable end satisfaction.
When I create a game story, I mostly think in images and dialogues and first I think of the ending once I found a story hook that's worth developing.
And don't fool yourself, writing a story/game that keep the tension up for several hours is VERY difficult and most of the time nigh impossible.
The best approach is to not try and keep that large, classical tension curve of story development.Its better to try to write the game story in small chunks, of which every single one has a climax and a great mid-ending.
This way players can focus on one arc at a time, play through it, gain experience for the bigger, background arc and yet don't feel like things are stretched and tedious.

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