Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Magic Candle

One of our visitors (You know who You are ;) ) mentioned we should add "The Magic Candle" to the poll to the right (cant add anything after a vote has been given, sorry).I want even aware that game was so popular !

I am pretty sure Ed knows it, as he is a walking, talking archive for games :D
The search for that title led me to this site with loads of stuff about old CRPGs.

Completeness Ed: You also forgot Mines of Titan, Dragon Wars, Escape from Hell, Rogue, Bloodwych and Nethack ;). Oh and 'the colour of magic', 'Sword and sorcery' on the ZX Spectrum. Also all the Dungeons and Dragons games that were out there that we both played till the disks broke. Plus games like the Elder scrolls series, the Might and Magic series :).

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  1. ...and Might&Magic, Dungeon Master, Wizardry....