Monday, 21 November 2011

Merging of code...

Well after having a rather hectic weekend I am now back at the keyboard and coding DyEd, this has to be finished so we can move forwards with everything and get our games out there to the masses. I have managed to merge the new packing code with the editor now and after some testing and adjustments (it still needs the selector and being able to show the user where the tiles are) and once everything is in there and working and I have reworked the saving and loading system I will send Emm another build.

On the saving and loading front I want to have a system in place that checks to see if any images are used from each atlas sheet this will keep memory requirements down as we done really need to load textures and images in if they are not used in the system. Once all these adjustments are in there I can move forwards and start getting the levels done for JJ and once they are done we can actually move onwards with the graphics and everything getting the game planned out and complete.

More soon...

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