Wednesday, 21 March 2012

More progress...

Today has been a good day, firstly I have fixed loads of bugs that have happened during the creation of certain systems in the game but I have also added loads to the game. This is as follows;

New data system - now the monsters get loaded from the monster data files. This loads in the graphics, data and specifications of the monster the game then reads in this data into each monster and shows images loaded into the data segment. Basically this means I can change any monster in the game by adjusting the data file :).

Monster loading - now all monster data is in the pak file the system itself extracts the data then uses it to move forwards. This should allow me to actually add monsters into the game by simply adding the line of data to the data file. Right have the monsters now loaded from the data file now all I need to do is make it so the whole spawning system caters for the nice new monsters.

Terminal graphic - this is now in the game engine but doesnt appear in the game as yet this will be soon.

Sound system and image system - no they are all loaded from data files, there is nothing that is internal in the game engine. EVERYTHING is in the data file now so no matter what you do we can adjust the data to create new games.

The end result of this is the game is moving to a more independent approach and pak files will allow modding and downloadable content to be made available at a later date making the games continue well after the first version is complete.

Emm is churning out some stunning graphics which will really make this game shine, once its all come together it should be something really special. I just got to stop Emm from having the game running in the background whilst hes working, he had it going for hours last night just so he could head the background noises its ambient sounds like this that also make a simple game great one thing sadly overlooked in so many games these days.

More soon...

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