Monday, 26 March 2012

Tons of stuffs...

We havent posted for a few days as we have been beavering away at getting Leviathan to a much more complete state. We have been hard at work on loads of sections of the game, these are as follows:

1) Main terminals - there was a small glitch in the system this has now been fixed. Its amazing how these things occur but they appear every now and again ;) Im sure glad I found it rather than when it was released.

2) Furniture placement - there was an error in placing the furniture, yup another one. I have now moved the code to another area of the rendering system this should give us a theoretical speed increase of about 10% as one of the rendering loops has been removed.

3) Health terminals - these have been added to the game engine now and can be used by the player (for a price of 10 credits for 1 point of health), they also run out of charge and have to recharge over time the animation for that was added today :)

4) Blood - instead of the old system where it was just removed (looked cheap) the alien blood now fades out and looks more professional. Its little things like that which adds polish to a game.

5) Aliens - these little guys no longer run into walls like depressed lemmings, now they will keep away from them depending on their size, so smaller aliens will get closer to the wall than the bigger ones (or the MUCH bigger ones) :). I have also found time to give them a AI system and speed system so the smaller aliens whizz around the level and the bigger ones are a bit slower. On the AI front the current crop of aliens are just 'foragers' they will look for food, other classes are hunters and some others that will be disclosed at a later date. Hunters are exactly that they will hunt the player or any hostile entity.

6) HUD - I have added Emm's amazing new hud and let me tell you this thing makes the game look soooooo much more professional, we could be talking about a bitmap brothers game given the quality :). I have also moved the minimap to the relevant place on the hud and setup player ones systems so they work correctly. I have yet to do player 2's they are on tomorrows list.

7)Kills - alien kills just net you experience now, for credits you have to search. Searching will also net you ammo which also now runs out so be careful this isnt a blast everything game you have to be tactical.

8)Breakthrough - aliens now can break through the floor, this is made even more perilous when they break through nearby :). I have yet to locate a suitable sound effect to represent this but I am looking for one.

9) Duct fans - they now have a noise all to themselves :), this sets them off perfectly :)

10)Joystick controls on main menu - you can now use joystick on the main menu the main reason for this is portability we can use the control method on other platforms that dont have a mouse for example XBox 360 :D

As you can see we have been very busy with getting the game to a more complete state we still have a way to go but once we get there the game will definitely shine with the best of them.

More soon...

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