Monday, 2 April 2012

More progress....

Well after doing loads of other things that I wont go into over the weekend I have got back to coding Leviathan, the things that are changing are quite simply the following:
1) Terminals - I will add a simple GUI here for them the main reason is the Command Line Interface or CLI was brilliant BUT required the user to type stuff on the keyboard this makes playing by joystick a bit pointless as sitting in comfort where ever then having to go back to the keyboard to access the terminal is a pain. The GUI will be greatly simplified to make using it easier and more fluid there will be a hacking system in there via the PDT which I will work on today. I have done a basic PDT image so there is no problems getting it all setup.

2) Items - I have been meaning to add them to the engine so now is a good time as any they will go in today so thats another thing I will cross off my todo list. I will also add the PDT's that are to be placed on the levels.

3) Elevators - yes I intended to get these working ages ago but never got around to it the game is completely different from the early builds and is much more complex than it once was.

4) Story details - these will be revealed to the player when they are in the elevators OR via PDT's so they are always worth scouting out. Logs on the terminals are another excellent source of information so accessing them terminals or hacking them is an asset :D

Yup there is always something to add to the engine and getting everything complete is always a plus side especially if its a major addition as it makes the game MUCH more interesting and fun to play, the whole game will be released in due course once my beta testers have had a whack at it. Yup we have one that can break anything and tests the most obscure ideas known to mankind in previous games he has found things as obscure as moving whilst priming grenades allows you to move around the level through walls, and duplicating items dropped onto chairs. All of them were fixed however but without that checking would have made the game experience less enjoyable.

Windows builds of Leviathan will be taking a little longer to come out mainly due to my Acer Aspire D250 dieing a death, tried everything to get it back but it seems the motherboard has gone. So until I can get a replacement they will be taking a back seat to OSX and Linux (my linux machine isnt powerful enough for windows so installing on that is out of the question).

More soon...

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