Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Terminal change...

No this doesnt mean the games dying a death no the terminals in the game have completely changed, gone is the command line interface as prototyping the system was excellent and I really enjoyed using it BUT it slowed the speed of the game down somewhat when accessing the terminals. On the upside we now have a lovely GUI interface that fits with the rest of the game, this looks perfect for the game engine and allows me to get on with everything else that I am supposed to be doing :)

I just have to add the statistic screens and the PDT system then I can set the Terminal system as completed. Emm probably will look at it with his artistic eye and say 'no no this needs changing' but for me as a programmer its feature complete. Us programmers are like russians (no offence to russians)  if it works it doesnt need changing after all if it does what we want it to do then its ok, artists are like well artists they like to change things to make them more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye :).

As an excellent example I love playing a game called Dwarf Fortress ( http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ ) its an excellent game and a great example of how depth and playability in a game doesnt need flashy graphics, BUT on seeing it Emm wanted one of the graphic packs :).

Its these two sides of the coin that makes Graveyard Dogs games brilliant, after all I try to create the best experience ever for the player and Emm creates the greatest graphics that make it shine and also has ideas that I wouldnt have thought of, yes these ideas normally add years to the coding time BUT they are ideas none the less (only joking Emm your ideas only add weeks on ;) ).

More soon...

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