Thursday, 5 April 2012

Adding polish as we go...

Today I have been looking at major sections of the game engine and completing some sections, some of these have been quite fun to complete others have been laborious and taxing. However not to be disheartened I have got loads completed on the game front and it edges closer and closer to completion and release.

Since our last entry I have added the following;
1) CLI - yeah the CLI was removed in favour of a GUI based system for people playing the game on joysticks so everything is to hand but there is now a new 'Hardcore Hacker' mode where the CLI replaces all the GUI elements on the terminal screens and is quite fun to use providing you know what your way around things like MS-DOS or Terminal. I have completed the hacker system for that section now so thats one thing off the list, the only terminal thing to check is GUI downloading of logs then that will be a go (this hasnt been completed as I am waiting to discuss with Emm what each level will be so I can make appropriate log entries for each area).

2) Shadows - now they are cast by walls, aliens, chairs, tables, doors everything and they look amazing. I do really like the new look shadow system and it complements the game perfectly.

3) Extra stuff for player - I have given him another clip as ammo was a bit scarce I will add more ammo as the time goes on along with all the items that are in the game items section ;)

Quite a lot of the stuff is behind the scenes coding stuff, these are simply things you will never ever see that keep the game running smoothly. One major test I do for any game is quite simply I start the game and go into it then leave the computer on for 24 hours. If the game is running stuff after then im happy, this may sound strange to you BUT quite a few games these days crash after a few hours so if our game runs for a whole day then its fine :). If it crashes however I will fix the crash and try again. If the game isnt to my liking I will change something and make it more efficient one such thing was the renderer, it has gone through about five to eight revisions to get to where it is now. The lighting alone has gone through five (mainly thanks to Emm changing it all the time ;) ).

Well onwards and upwards...

More soon...

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