Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Larking around and Lag...

After numerous attempts to get the blood system right in the game I have put it aside to concentrate on the other sections of the game engine which I still have to do, one thing that I learned from writing a game is simply if you concentrate on one section of the game and polish that to perfection then everything else will tarnish that perfection by its state of incompleteness. By concentrating on the blood I have not been looking at the other sections of the game that really do require attention yeah we dont have tons of blood in there but who cares if the game isnt getting closer to release because the blood is taking to much time. To answer that one I DO, I dont want to have to code the same game over and over recoding sections to add x item that 'it was a good idea at the time' to add I want to get the whole base game done and out there.

To this end I have put the blood system aside and im concentrating on other sections of the game that require more attention than that particular system. For example I have now added the item pickup system so I can now take the items that are dotted around the game like the many ammo clips and other items that will be added in later. I also intent do add the elevators so the whole game can 'progress' through the levels.

If after the whole game is created do I think I need to add more blood effects then I will add them BUT I will not sacrifice time to add a effect that will slow the game down with lag, the game HAS to run solidly at 30fps at all times. One thing that annoys me with todays games is when your running down a hill or along somewhere and because the game has to load in the data for something your approaching it lags it may only be a small half a second lag or upto four to five seconds BUT its lag. Its this lag that suspends belief in the game your playing and makes it a less enjoyable experience and one thing that I will avoid no matter what.

So heres to getting the game more complete then polishing it to a nice shine ONCE everything is in there... After all half a game polished to a nice shine is still only HALF A GAME.

More soon...

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