Thursday, 3 May 2012

Its been a while but we still here...

Well LOADS has happened in the last few weeks we have new design tools at our disposal and load of other plans and ideas to implement, one of the games we are working on at the moment is coming together nicely. We have so much on the go at the same time that we been snowed under.

Emm has been playing with ZBrush and load of other 3d and 2d art and art packages, hes learning loads of new techniques each day that will allow us to make games faster and look much better. This single thing alone will benefit not just us but everyone who buys our games, after all people dont want a game that looks ok they want something that looks INCREDIBLE :).

Whilst Emm has been working on his art I have been looking at Leadwerks Engine 2.5, Unity and Unreal Development Kit, all of them are amazing products but some have niggles that I dont feel comfortable with. To cut a long story short we have chosen Unity for its ease of use and ease of importing media into it, we can use png, jpg, tga and bmp textures and a massive variety of model formats too. Leadwerks although a far technically superior product has annoying DDS textures which have to be power of 2 to me this is wasted space in a file (coming from ZX81 days every wasted byte is a waste I used to make games as big as Ultima, Frontier etc that fitted on a 360Kb 5.25" disk), yeah I hear people scream but hard disks are in the terrabytes but why waste bytes if you dont have to? As an example; if I made a game thats 10Mb and has a massive universe for the player to play in and is downloadable even on 56Kb modems (yes I did create one back in the day called SF2000) or I create a massive space epic that wastes the odd space here and there and comes in at 40Mb which would you sooner download? We didnt chose UDK at this time simply as our games wont require its power and the editor is Windows only (not a good selling point when it can release 'OSX' games too?).

So yes we have been very busy and we are still here, loads of things are happening and once we have something concrete to put piccies of we will do :D

More soon...

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